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  Circus Money | Walter Becker    
     L Y R I C S   M A D   L I B S  
.         .
No, not a contest.  
These days, what with  
  - the internet  
  - punctilious if not trigger-happy music journalists  
  - hooligan fans  
  - killjoys by disposition  
... well, let's just say we've learned our lesson, it's crazy anymore to hinge anything of actual value on a game of information that can go bust so quick and so bad.  
So instead, perhaps some of you can just have a little MadLibs fun with a few "Circus Money" lyrics, and your imagination.  

Words or phrases in red, and all blanks ( _____ )
come from the "Circus Money" lyrics, in no particular order.

  G I R L S   G O   T O   T H E   S E A  
    Betsy Button was running late.
She was off to spend a day at the beach
with her old friend Audrey Jean Regan.
    She stuffed her duffle quickly.
Sunscreen? Yep. _____ towel ? Check.
She packed up the Dylan and the _____ and the _____.
    She eyed the undone items on her to-do list:
she needs 3 _____ , 3 _____ , 3 _____ , 3 _____
But she would have to do without them.
    Betsy was good at doing without.
As she pulled onto the street she wondered:
who will render my _____   _____?
    * * * * *  
    She took the freeway through the endless sprawl.
This old town goes on and on, she thought.
She was cut off at her exit by
some guy driving a _____   _____
    * * * * *  
    Arriving at the beach, Betsy was relieved to see that
Audrey had left her _____ Irish Setter dog at home.
    They settled down in a spot by the concession stand
at the foot of _____ Street .
    After a bit, Betsy asked: "How was your date
with that selfish Gene?"
    "His name wasn't Gene," Audrey said,
"_____ was his name-o
    "We didn't have an atom of chemistry" she continued.
"In fact, I think he's nothing but a half-crazed _____ fool."
    Audrey had been rummaging through her bag and,
finally pulling out a _____   _____ , took a mighty huff.
    "I had him on the balls of his ass at one point"
Audrey resumed, growing agitated,
"but Gene don't lick no _____ ,
if you know what I mean".
    Then she wailed to the sky:
"Why must every time I turn my _____ around,
some bastard come and _____ my _____   _____
    More self-pity. Listen friend, this is no damn picnic,
Betsy thought, but decided to let it go.
    So she said only this:
"Modern Love: it's a real good theory, but give me
a date with _____ any day".
    * * * * *  
    And so the afternoon wore on,
glowing like a _____ in the _____.
    "Look at that sand castle over there" Betsy said.
It sort of looks like a permanent picture of your _____ in cement
    * * * * *  
    After a bit, Betsy suggested packing it in, and Audrey agreed, saying,
"You know it's time to go when the sky is turning _____
and _____ over.
    Besides, neither one of them had any desire to
watch some hobo take a _____  _____
    But Betsy was a bit concerned.
Over the course of the afternoon, Audrey had downed
a glass of _____ wine, a _____ and tonic,
a sip of _____ , a glass of _____ , and
some cheap _____ --- a lot of booze.
Not to mention that huff from the _____  _____ .

"Can you drive ok?" Betsy asked.
"Can you find your way back home?"
But Audrey was already gunning the gas
and on her way -- no doubt to her next
burnout _____.

    * * * * *  

It all goes wrong in a hurry,
Betsy thought as she fiddled with the car radio.
No point going down in the _____ _____ .
No: she was aiming for clarity and _____ instead.

    Traffic was light now, as was her mood.
With any luck, she just might get home in time
to catch the _____ late show, curled up with a nice
hot cup of _____.
    And that, dear Mad-Libbers, is our girl Betsy in a nutshell:  
    She stays cool, if not _____ .  
Lyrics by Walter Becker and Larry Klein, © 2007 Zeon Music (ASCAP)
and Exegesis Music /Chrysalis Music (ASCAP).
Used by Permission
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